Grand Tetons, Wyoming

The town of Jackson, Wyoming is located in the west central portion of the state bordering the southern entrance to Yellowstone National Park. As part of a $16mil U.S. National Park Service project, we were assigned to photographically document several of the parks trails for repair, restoration and redesign. The following images span two days of hiking and shooting trail conditions while taking time to capture some scenics–mostly scenics here.

Before we made our first trail-head, we encountered a Park Ranger managing a small gathering of people parked roadside. Expecting an authoritative traffic-cop we actually got a tour guide… “take my binoculars and look over across that field, there’s a 600lb. Grizzly atop his freshly killed Elk”–WHAT?! Even more surreal, the Ranger was a 6′-4” version of Yao Ming, huh? You’ll have to look carefully at the (16th) shot to make things out, I was too far out for my 200mm lens to bridge the distance properly and I was not allow (nor would I have) to venture more closely.

shots from the assignment.