on a Bike Pt.2

a four-year update to my original post

It’s been several years since I posted the original “Back On A Bike” entry. Over that time, I’ve maintained a fairly consistent routine, while mixing in some mandatory weight training. Therefore, I thought it would be a good time to share some observations…

Motor skill, neuromuscular and intense weight training stay with you for a much longer time than bike fitness during lower intensity or extended recovery periods. Whatever level of ‘bike’ fitness you achieve –you don’t get to keep it. Backing off on your training intensity will cause your performances to suffer. Therefore, planned six-week ‘blocks’ of training with a one week taper helps keep you mentally fresher and more versatile as a cyclist. Inside that block, a typical week might include a longer ride medium-intensity, a short, high-intensity interval session, some hill repeats and some group rides.

“their are a lot of moving parts to address as you improve your bike fitness…”

As your bike fitness improves proper recovery, and nutrition both on and off the bike become more important. Do you perform better with solid food or liquids/gels, do you suffer cramping or have some other bike fit related issues…?

The bike you see in this entry is a Specialized Allez Sprint. Like it’s brother the black Allez in the first post, both are aluminum framed bikes, each bearing the equivalent “grouppo” from opposing camps; SRAM Force 22 vs. Shimano Ultegra. The Sprint however has a Roval carbon wheelset and carbon cranks.