Supro DualTone Amp

Based on Long Island, New York, SuproUSA is an amplifier company under the Absara umbrella which includes Pigtronix stompboxes. The relationship began with “we don’t have any amps, we need you to create one in photoshop for ads, to secure a dealer network and promote to all the guitar mags–as soon as possible.” (starting point left, Photoshopped right)

Non-existent created in Photoshop Supro Amp

Following this inauspicious start, we’ve been able to really dig in and provide a full portfolio of images, as well as create a “branded” Supro website.



 “The legendary Supro logo with signature lightning bolt stirs several images simultaneously for most guitarists. Sum these up as unique looks, individual tone, and a near-mythic cool factor that is unmatched in the world of vintage tube guitar amplifiers; but the most common reactions to all of these sensations are best rendered simply as, “I want one!” –Dave Hunter