In the “old days” you shot, brought the rolls to the drugstore and waited to get your slides, or contact sheets or maybe some 3″x5″ black-n-white prints back. You could develop your own film, but still, you had to wait. The only component in your hands was shooting.

In today’s digital world there ain’t no waitin,’ you can “chimp” (looking at the screen preview after a shot) to see what you got, “Photoshop” it to make it look the way you want, then share via text, email or other electronic device. Done.

As a result, four, well-defined disciplines are required to get you from start-to-finish; the lighting/setup, the shoot itself, post processing and fine art printing.

The attached images offer you my latest efforts in post processing. It moves beyond traditional optimizing, and is more about developing a style to make a strong visual statement.

A quick aside, many of the top photographers have no post processing chops whatsoever and keep certain talent on retainer to handle all their published work. Rarer still is fine art printing which as the name implies, is an art form all it’s own and which I may address later.

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