Based on an original 1950s staple pickup, our Staple P-90 features hand-beveled rectangular Alnico bar magnets as non-adjustable pole pieces. A direct replacement for nearly any Soapbar P-90, it can be installed using typical mounting screws and springs and does not require instrument modification.

The tonal character of the P-90 Staple hits the sweet spot between the Fender sound of our Alnico Pole P-90s and the grit of our traditional steel pole P-90s giving you plenty of grind plus added clarity and overall punch. The neck version yields 8.9k Ohms dc. The bridge version is wound to match the volume of the neck pickup and to provide more tonal consistency when switching between the two. Uses 42-gauge wire and braided shield lead wire. Available in black, cream, or white Soapbar cover.

DC: Neck Only 8.9k

Jason Lollar has been a professional luthier since graduating from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, Arizona in 1979. However, his interests and expertise go well beyond building guitars. In addition to designing and producing extraordinary archtop, solid-body electric and lap steel guitars, Jason is a noted authority on nearly everything related to electric pickups.

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